Bamboo Curtain  
Shoji Blind (Rice Paper Blind) ¡@
Shoji Blinds are a type of traditional Japanese window covering with over 100 years of history.  Not only are they still being used today in Japan, they are also very popular in America and Europe.  Shoji Blinds are 100% hand-made from all-natural materials including Rice Paper, Bamboo, and natural leaves.  Shoji Blind¡¦s unique style is designed to blend with nature, but also provide function by keeping the sunlight out yet brightening the room.

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Woven Jute/Paper Blind ¡@

These Blinds are composed of Jute and Textured Paper.  According to the width and thickness of the Jute and the weaving technique, we are able to create a myriad of patterns.  Colored Jute Blinds have become a popular style in today¡¦s window fashions.  We are able to customize the colors and designs to achieve the customer¡¦s request.  Woven Jute Blinds are divided into the following categories:


l             Woven Jute Blinds


l             Woven Paper Blinds


l             Woven Paper and Jute Blinds

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Bamboo Raffia Blind ¡@
Bamboo Raffia Blinds are composed of Bamboo with Raffia, Jute, Reed, River-Grass, Bark, etc.  The varied textures and custom-stained colors provide endless combinations.  Our design team develops new patterns and colors each season by actively searching for new materials.  Every Raffia Blind style is elegant in its own way.  Customers could easily find their favorite patterns among the wide range of selection.  These items are recyclable and environmentally-friendly.  Roman Shades are the preferred style for this collection.

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Bamboo Matchstick Blind ¡@

As all home furnishings are very color-oriented, yet so far most Bamboo Matchstick Blinds tend to be sold in Natural and Brown only.  Starting 2004, we have concentrated in developing new colors for Bamboo Matchstick Blinds.  Staining Bamboo is an easy task, but to make sure the color remains consistent throughout the entire Bamboo Blind is quite another issue.  Through our development and hard work, we have successfully accomplished this task.  Stained Bamboo Matchsticks not only creates countless color assortments to match any furnishing, but allow the natural texture of the Bamboo to show through.  Today, we have over 40 solid color Bamboo Matchstick Blinds and continue to come up with new ones.  We are glad to list our bestselling colors as follows:


n             # 70010-WIL      (Willow Green)

n             # 70010-WHT    (Whitewash)

n             # 70010-ST        (Straw)

n             # 70010-CAR     (Carbonized)

n             # 70010-FW      (Fruitwood)

n             # 70010-VER     (Vernis)

n             # 70010-BC       (Black Cherry)

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Bamboo Blind ¡@
Bamboo Blind is a very popular and essential item in global markets; you can find it in almost any home furnishing store.  The main factors are its natural beauty and reasonable prices.  Bamboo Blind¡¦s unique grain and texture cannot be duplicated by any other materials.  Woven Bamboo Blind combine both form and function by adding warmth and texture to any décor, and evoke a comfortable, at-home feeling.  We have over 100 styles to choose from, and are available in either Roll-Up Blinds or Roman Shades.  In addition, for walnut color Bamboo Blinds, we have added an additional laminate finish process.  Through this process, it allows the elegant texture of the natural Bamboo to show through.